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StudioLiveTV’s Fitness For Action channel is an unprecedented collaboration of studios, gyms and teachers from around the world, donating a wide array of classes, available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Studio Live IconCreated in the wake of Hurricane Sandy as a way to channel the outpouring of support from the yoga and fitness community, Fitness For Action remains our way of making sure that we can help those in need. We have extended the channel to help many others now, and you can direct your support to one of the many groups that need your help. As you pick your video package that is right for you, you can also select the charity that you wish to support.
Note: Charities change as the needs do.


It is our pleasure to present Seane Corn and Damien Echols’ master class encompassing yoga, reiki, and meditation. “Yoga and Magick on the Mat” can be streamed, on demand, for $30 for 90 days. A portion of the profits will go to the Innocence Project, the organization that helped gather DNA evidence that led to Damien’s release from prison.

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How it works
$8* | single class
$25* | monthly subscription
$30 | 90 Day Subscription to Seane Corn Special Event/Workshop

* Profit goes to the charity you select when you checkout.

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